70 heifers for 70 years of Heifer International arrived in Romania by air!

70 heifers were brought to Romania to help poor families from Transylvania. This was an anniversary flight as Heifer International celebrated 70 years of community service and 20 years of presence in Romania.


The aircraft landed on Sunday, November 9 and it was specially arranged to transport animals, so inside, the cows had the best travel conditions: pens, water and food. Livestock were offered by the nonprofit organization Bothar Ireland, so from the airport they were transported to Oradea, where they will stay in quarantine for 30 days. 



After this period, the original placement ceremony will be organized and women will be praised and rewarded for their efforts within “Empowering Roma Women in Mures County” project.


The goal of this project is to lift out of poverty 3,000 Roma and non Roma families, which are now struggling on 50$/month. Through the development of social capital and engaging into a pro poor wealth creating dairy value chain these families become models of sustainable small holder farming systems. The project is taking advantage of good local animal breeding conditions and opportunities of accessing the market and creates an income generating model for poor small holders. 




“All cows have been offered by both individual farmers and farmers from two prisons. Animals donatedare between 18 and 24 months old and are all pregnant. For the future I wish that Romanian and Irish farmers become partners and provide cows for other disadvantaged areas of the world, where there are people who need them “stated Deirdre Ryan, Director of Bothar Organization. 


“Today is the heyday of a very long and careful work. These animals will reach a pole of poverty in the Saxon villages of Transylvania, poor people who have animal shelters, and use them to improve their living conditions “said Dr. Ovidiu Spinu, Country Director of Heifer Romania. 




Story by Andreea Gherba

Communication and PR Coordinator

Heifer Romania