May 5-9, 2010, the city of Cluj-Napoca hosted the five-day agricultural fair, AGRARIA, in the Transylvania Exhibition Center.  Heifer Romania attended this event, organized specific activities and took part in conferences and focus groups on different topics. Farmers and animal breeding specialists displayed examples of their work with bulls, pure breed cows, pure breed sheep, poultry, rabbits and swine.


The exhibition spread across the center’s 9,000 square meters. Fair stands were built by over 300 firms from Romania, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Poland, Republic of Moldova and Great Britain.


The visitors had the opportunity to see the newest agricultural techniques and technologies on display by producers and distributors of agricultural machinery, as well as pure bred animals.


This year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development had an exhibition stand for the first time, showing their confidence in the quality of the fair.


Some of the events that took place at the fair included:
•         “The Days of the Farmer”
•         “Breeding Dairy and Meat Cattle Forum”
•         “Be Green at Agraria”


The farmers from the Transylvanian region were assured of transportation to the fair by the fair organizers. With group efforts, organizers and partners provided buses for the participants in rural areas. “We want the farmers to have access to information, to meet producers and distributors and be informed about the newest technologies and techniques,” said Director of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.


During the event, a job fair was organized for graduates of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. There was also an exhibition that gave people the opportunity to sell products. Visitors could taste and buy traditional and 100% ecological products.


“We thought about the environment and its protection. Within specific workshops, volunteers and visitors made objects by hand out of reusable materials such as newspapers. An auction will sell the objects and the money will be used to remake the green spaces of two kindergartens in Cluj-Napoca,” said Director of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in the opening speech. This institution presented its offer for the future educational year and presented the Helmut Schott Scholarship in memory of the international fair’s founder.


Heifer Romania attended the event because it brought forth the opportunity of establishing new contacts and interacting with key representatives of the agri-business. It was a great chance for visitors to learn about Heifer’s philosophy, cornerstones and related activities. The Heifer Romania Team presented the success stories and the current projects developing in our country. The largest agricultural fair in Transylvania provided a way for beneficiaries and partners to meet again. Heifer Romania was there to establish new possibilities of partnerships and collaborations with other companies. Also, it was important for us to attend in order to consolidate our image and to reassure partners of our active position in Romania. Being present in the fair helped us better know the activities of other NGO’s and gather information about people and the industry. We also addressed volunteers and presented them with collaboration opportunities.


Heifer Romania set up its own exhibition stand. The setting was appreciated, but more appealing was the information about Heifer activities in Romania and worldwide. The entire Heifer team took turns at the exhibition stand and we were happy to talk about our activities and about Heifer in general.


The main objective of increasing visibility was definitely reached. Heifer Romania had excellent media coverage, giving interviews for national, regional and local newspapers, TV and radio stations.







By: Laura Manciu,
Communication and PR Coordinator,
Heifer Romania



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