“Sustainable Agriculture Models In the Romanian Mountain Area” Project
presented at the International event Agraria 2014




Starting with April 24, the International Trade Fair opened its gates. Supported by a team of professionals with a 20-year experience in agricultural events, AGRARIA, became an annual emblematic event in the field for Transylvania area. As promised, in 2014 the fair succeeded to be the most important meeting point for farmers, specialists, students, managers, journalists and authorities in the agricultural sphere who had the opportunity to be informed about new technological developments in the field, to enter into agreements or partnerships and debate on topical issues in an extensive program of related events.




On the third day of the event, April 26, named by the organizers Farmer Day at Agraria, the new project “Sustainable Agriculture Models in the Romanian Mountain Area” was introduced by all partners involved, namely Heifer Romania, Swiss Center for Mountain Regions, Mountain Farmers Federation “Dorna”, AGROM-RO and ROMONTANA.

The overall goal of the project is the improved sustainability of livestock-based agriculture in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains by means of integrating traditional activities in the modern economic system. The purpose of these activities is to generate income and to enrich the cultural landscape with their high touristic value.


Since small-scale farmers’ associations are the specific target of this project, the poorer, more economically vulnerable members of society will be the main beneficiaries. More than 1800 families will directly benefit from the project implementation and one of the activities in progress is the construction of six modern sheepshelter models. Shepherds will receive professional training and as they will become master shepherds they will pass on the knowledge by teaching the junior shepherds. Therefore, these families will benefit from new production facilities in terms of hygiene and quality worthy of the European Union, strengthen their associations and have the chance to conclude national and international partnerships.




The presence of Mr. Ioan Agapi, the CEO of Mountain Farmers Federation “Dorna”, was warmly received by the fair guests. Having an extensive experience in rural development, he outlined the importance of integrating traditional activities in modern economic system. “European Union consumers are increasingly interested not only in food quality but also in the origin and methods of food production. This favors traditional, original products such as cheese produced in the Romanian highlands” he pointed out.

The project has been in the spotlight for 2 hours and the audience participated actively addressing various questions. We, all partners involved in this major project, are grateful to discover that only a brief overview of the project objectives awoke the public interest. From farmers and shepherds up to local representatives within the structures of the Ministry of Agriculture, the heads of the Presidential Commission for agricultural development policy in Romania, business people, dairy products producers and processors and last but not least the consumers left thrilled and well informed.

We will keep promoting future activities and accomplishments of this unique project for Romania.



Story by Andreea Gherba

Communication and PR Coordinator

Heifer Romania