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May 1, 2010, marked the 140th anniversary of Nicolae Balcescu High School, in Cluj Napoca. The staff and students of this prestigious educational institution organized the celebration, developing various activities such as exhibitions, sport competitions, scientific activities, workshops, conferences, theatre shows and many related contests. The theme of the event was “The School – Today and Yesterday,” giving participants the chance to expound on the high school’s development and progress that has turned it into one of the most appreciated educational institutions, in the scholarly and social life of Cluj-Napoca.


Heifer Romania was actively involved in one of the school’s activities. The Heifer Romania team worked with the English teachers and the school management to organize a workshop for the students in the fifth grade. The class chosen is one of the elite, the children having won first place in the International Scholar Theater Festival English section of plays. They received 100 kg in books and are called “The Cluj Fortress Juniors.” Their effort should be appreciated, especially since they are only 11-12 years old.

The workshop titled, “Heifer – Passing on the Gift, It’s All About People,” began with the illustrated story of Beatrice’s Goat.  The children were split into work groups and were asked to do several activities related to the story. They made drawings and wrote poems and songs in English about Beatrice’s life. Some groups conducted scientific work on life in Uganda, also considering Heifer’s philosophy. The key event of the workshop was acting-out Beatrice’s story in a small play. 

One of the rhymes that the students developed was:
“Beatrice had a little goat
Her fleece was white as snow
And everywhere that Beatrice went
The goat was sure to go
It followed her to school one day
Which was against the rule
It made the children laugh and play
To see a goat at school.
Beatrice had a little goat…”

It was amazing to see the students become totally involved in the workshop and ask numerous questions about Heifer and its activities. The Heifer philosophy and message was received with an open heart and the children will pass it on to others.


The coordinators of this program wished to send out a strong social and motivational appeal to the students about the importance of staying in school and receiving an education. This appeal was sent to students, parents and teachers. Both rural and urban Romania has an increasing phenomenon of students abandoning school at a young age. For prevention, it is important to keep the educational system working smoothly so our children can have more opportunities and chances for the future.

The program was a challenged that registered great success for the partners involved. For Heifer Romania it was a great opportunity to bring our mission and vision to a young audience and stir up their interest in humanitarian activities. The local media attended the event and media coverage for Heifer is always excellent. The school management gave many interviews, being present also in a live television broadcast at a local TV station. Heifer Romania was represented on a live TV show by PR and Communication Coordinator Laura Manciu, during which the accomplishments of the organization were acknowledged and an assessment of our collaboration was made. A strong conclusion was stated that future collaboration in similar projects will take place. 

We thank the Nicolae Balcescu High School for this opportunity. It was a great way to address this young, promising generation, which has an open mind and a will to succeed.


By: Laura Manciu,
Communication and PR Coordinator,
Heifer Romania

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