Launching the Pig Project for Rebricea


Village Rebricea is located on the Moldavian plateau in the Eastern part of Romania. After the fall of communism the area was strongly affected by unemployment and lack of investment and infrastructure. People living in these rural areas practice agriculture and animal breeding as a way of living at subsistence level. 

The farmers are interested in swine breeding because pigs are a good source of high quality food for the family and extra income is obtained from selling the offspring.

On September 8, 2010 Heifer Romania organized the opening ceremony for the “Pig Project for Rebricea.”


8 month old large white sow

Even if it was a rainy and muddy day the community gathered to welcome the guests and thank Heifer Romania for their initiative. This was a day of celebration marked also in the calendar as the birthday of the Virgin Mary.

The Heifer International Study Tour members and the Heifer Romania team joined the ceremony and they strongly encouraged the new project participants. Susan Fulton, Heifer International Board member and study tour attendant, had a significant financial contribution for the development of this program. She was very excited to meet the 25 recipient families and to notice their enthusiasm and glimpse of hope. During the ceremony 25 eight months old pregnant sows were distributed through a lottery draw. The aim of the “Pig Project for Rebricea” is to increase farmers’ income and improve nutrition by promoting small scale swine breeding.

Susan Fulton and new project participant


By the end of the program, Heifer Romania will distribute 150 large white sows to 150 families and 6 large white boars to other 6 families. Through the Passing on the Gift process the program will extend in neighboring areas. More than 600 families will be part of the project increasing their incomes through the selling of piglets andpork products, and improving their nutrition. The breed is well known for being prolific and highly productive. Everybody was really impressed by the top quality of the livestock Heifer Romania provides.



The community members thanked the American guests and the Heifer team for their presence. They all agreed this is a large opportunity for their villages and committed to develop the project and fulfill its objectives. One farmer said, “I am thankful our community was chosen for developing this project. This way we have more chances for a better future.” At the end of the day the families took the pig home with their horse carriage.


Taking the pig home


Submitted by Annamaria Heler
Communication & PR Coordinator
Heifer Romania

Photos by Calin Sahleanu
Director of Programs
Heifer Romania

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