Bucharest, May 13, 2013 - With the money received from external donors, Heifer Romania has given, in the 22 years of existence in Romania: 5,672 cows, 4,218 goats, 10,170 sheep, 4,752 rabbits and 98,000 families assisted. Given the limitation of external financing/funds, Heifer Romania will launch a fundraising campaign to continue the projects. "Noah's Ark", "Milk for Orphans" or "Read to Feed", represent just a few of the ongoing projects. They are based on Heifer’s most important principle "Passing on the Gift" and through those projects, the poor families and orphans will receive animals which will help to secure/ensure daily food.


"Our belief is that Romanians are always ready to help each other even if we, as a nation, don’t have a tradition in charitable activities like in the countries from which we received funds. Presenting the projects implemented so far, their results and future projects I think we will find support from major companies but also individuals who understand our role in the development of rural communities and fighting poverty" said Calin Sahleanu, Director of Programs Heifer Romania.


Addressing exclusively the rural communities, focusing on families and not individuals, Heifer Romania assists needy communities and disadvantaged groups to improve their living standards, income and nutrition. With money raised from donations, Heifer Romania purchases and donates animals to needy families. According to the main principle, "Passing on the Gift", those that receive animals have to pass on the first female offspring to another family in need.


"What I would like our donors to understand most is that, in addition to the direct support given to needy families or orphaned children, our projects are based on community development and not just philanthropy. For example, one of our projects focuses on genetic improvement of the cows’ breeds in Transylvania. Heifer Romania and its partners, Bothar Ireland and Semtest BVN, distributes, within the project, high quality doses of semen which will significantly improve performance genetics, meat and / or milk" added Calin Sahleanu, Director of Programs Heifer Romania.


Projects’ implementation period is between 3 and 6 years; are continually monitored, making periodical financial and progress reports and where necessary intervene immediately.


Once the orientation of the new fundraising strategy is focused on Romania, Heifer Romania announces their visual identity completion, will be presented in all future communication taking place in our country. From Heifer International logos, Heifer Romania adopted a new logo where the central element is a cow and the main principle "Passing on the Gift."




Heifer Romania changes orientation in its fundraising strategy, focusing more on in-country, donations. After 22 years of receiving external funds from the United States and Western Europe for the purchase of animals to be donated to poor families in Romania, Heifer Romania has set itself the goal of raising funds and finding donors in our country. This is necessary due to the current economic context, but also due to the orientation of bigger or smaller donors’ interest from other countries to areas considered poorest or most affected by serious social and political issues.