Our Projects in Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria
Heifer Romania manages livestock and microcredit projects all over Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria. The diversity of our projects includes beneficiaries of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, together with a large variety of livestock: cows, goats, sheep, horses, rabbits, poultry, bees and fish.
Presently Heifer Romania manages 67 projects in three countries. New projects are at all times either in the process of approval or to be opened in the near future.
Bulgaria is the latest addition to the list of Heifer beneficiary countries in Central and Eastern Europe. With three countries where to implement and monitor projects, Heifer Romania has grown to become one of the most successful Heifer country programs in the world.
Each project receives biannual progress and financial reports, submitted to our donors. A yearly audit verifies the activity of the whole country program. Informative newsletters spread the word about our latest work, activities, special events, visits and staff announcements.


Please find below information about some of our most recent projects: