Success stories make us and our donors keep going. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing real help for the ones in genuine need. 

Read stories from Heifer projects developed in Romania, including personal experience, community work within Heifer projects and lesson learned:

Greening the Agro-Tourism Business in Romania

70 heifer for 70 years of Heifer International arrived in Romania by air!






Bradut Lesca, a Role Model for the Roma Community


Launching the Pig Project for Rebricea


Honey Production


Is All About People


Passing on the Gift in Tulghes


Passing on the Gift between Communities


Passing on the Gift in Bilbor


POG Sheep Ceremony in Vrancioaia


Family unity sustained by the Heifer Gift


Alfalfa Seeds Bring Hope to Maeriste 


A Hard Working Romanian Woman


Traditional products, modern farming


Living in harmony


A new hope for an unfortunate community - rabbits breeding in Vadu Rascov, Republic of Moldova -


Goats changing life of Roma family and community


Farmers’ support allows HIV-infected youth to have better nutrition


Sheep help Romanian mountain family build a better future


A cow for a house