Passing on the Gift between Communities


Heifer Romania, together with the Intercommunity Development Association “Valea Somesului” and Agapis Foundation, organized on June 5, 2010, a Passing on the Gift (POG) ceremony in Rus.  The formal ceremony was held on the local soccer field in the presence of local and regional representatives and of community members, at midday.

In the Rus commune, 34 French Alpine goats were passed on to six new families. The families became project participants, having the opportunity of improving their economic situation and their nutrition.


The main purpose of the event was the POG of 30 female French Alpine goats and 4 male, all with pedigree and a high price market value. The second aim of this ceremony was to enhance the collaboration and partnership between communities.


This POG ceremony was important because, for the first time,  it took place between these communities . It represents the first exchange of this kind. The ceremony brought together participants of two Heifer projects: “Alpine Goats for Two Poor Communities” and “Honey Production for Poor Communities in Central Transylvania.” This way, the farmers exchange information and help each other to suceed in becoming self-sufficient and self-reliant,  improving their nutrition and increasing their revenue.


The project beneficiaries, the Roma people from Nemsa, in the Sibiu County and Dragu, Salaj County, passed on the gift to future project participants of the Rus commune. “We are happy to pass on the gift and help others, just as we were supported by Heifer,” stated one of the participants who passed on the gift. The distance between the two villages, Nemsa and Rus, is approximately 100 miles. 


Collaboration and partnership, in the long run, is the basis of building a strong foundation for developing future activities. The aim of this “bridge” between communities from different regions is to ensure support for establishing initiatives that will bring benefits to all villages involved in the Heifer program.

"We are confident starting to breed French Alpine goats will help our community to develop and become in time more sustainable," declared Criste Loan, one of the new project participants.


Submitted by Laura Manciu,
Communication and PR Coordinator,
Heifer Romania

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